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Bronte Campbell battles shoulder injury

  • Bronte Campbell battles shoulder injury

    Bronte Campbell won't know the full extent of her shoulder complaint until after the Olympic trails.

There has been plenty of sympathy but few answers for injured dual world champion Bronte Campbell ahead of this week's Rio Olympic swimming trials in Adelaide.

After suffering a mystery shoulder injury, the world's fastest woman in water is guaranteed a sympathetic ear - but little else at the cut-throat trials.

Her former world champion sister Cate has plenty of experience - and sympathy - after battling back to her prime following a shoulder reconstruction in 2015.

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Yet Bronte admits she won't know the full extent of her shoulder complaint until after the eight-day trials starting on Thursday.

But she is backing herself to soar at the Rio trials, even ruling out following her sister's lead and going under the knife ahead of the Olympics.

"I think surgery is a bit extreme at the moment - I don't think it is something we will be looking at, at all," the 50m and 100m freestyle world champion said.

"After trials, I will have scans on my shoulder and look at all the options but it is not something I need to be worrying about right now."

However, Campbell admits she will require cortisone injections at the trials to settle down the complaint that has been troubling her since November.

"Preparation hasn't been ideal but, then again, no preparation has been," Bronte said.

"I am not entirely sure what is wrong with my shoulder.

"But there is a good chance, with rest, it will settle down.

"There is a good team here who is working on it."

Bronte finally emerged from her sister's shadow at the 2015 world titles when she ended her sibling's unbeaten three-year 100m freestyle run.

But her sister is still ever present after enduring a similar injury last year.

"She smiles and says 'I know exactly what you are going through'," Bronte said of Cate.

"She went through shoulder surgery and has had six or so cortisone injections into her neck - she has definitely been through it all."

Cate Campbell appears to be at the height of her powers again after 2015 was derailed by surgery.

Yet it didn't make it any easier to stomach news her main rival, sister Bronte, might not be able to test her at the Rio trials.

"I am the best I have been in years," Cate warned.

"I am on top of injuries - Bronte and I appear to have done a switch.

"But I feel for her. She is going through a tough time. I am there to console her.

"It is horrible to be injured, but she is holding up like a trooper.

"I expect the best from her."

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