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Aussies to look the part at Rio Olympics

  • Aussies to look the part at Rio Olympics

    Australia's official uniforms for the Rio Olympics have been unveiled in Sydney.

Australia's Olympians have given the thumbs up to their state-of-the-art competition uniforms for the Rio Games.

The broad range of outfits - featuring CLIMACHILL technology to counter the brutal Brazilian summer heat and cooler evening conditions - were unveiled in front of Sydney Harbour on Tuesday.

The adidas-designed uniforms will ensure athletes across all the sports will not only be comfortable in the iconic green and gold but also able to perform to their optimum.

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"We'll take whatever advantage we can get," said basketballer Adam Gibson.

Set for her third Olympics, sprint queen Sally Pearson described the uniforms as "probably the best yet for look and comfort".

"When I first saw it, I thought `wow, that's so amazing'. I can't wait to actually wear it in competition to see how it moves on me when I'm getting over those hurdles."

Pearson said it was important to look and feel good at the starting blocks.

"I'm a bit of a girly girl too so I really like to look my best on the track," she said.

"I mean, you're going to have a million bloody people looking at you from the stands and have all the cameras in your face; you don't want to look ratty."

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