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I haven't peaked yet: Sally Pearson

  • I haven't peaked yet: Sally Pearson

    Hurdler Sally Pearson says her hamstring injury won't prematurely end her athletics career.

While gutted at missing the Rio Olympics, Sally Pearson says her hamstring injury doesn't signal the end of her decorated athletics career.

Australia's reigning Olympic 100m hurdles champion has been forced out of this year's Games after tearing a tendon in a hamstring at training on Monday.

Pearson will on Thursday hold a media conference to detail her disappointment at missing the Olympics, but has already staged an interview with the Nine Network, a personal sponsor.

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The 29-year-old says she could have competed in Rio, but it would have endangered the rest of her career.

"I could have gone to the Olympics and still competed, but competing and going out to the Olympics, it means different things to me," she told the Nine Network on Wednesday.

"I go there for 100 per cent effort and I wouldn't be able to give that effort that I would like to bring ... and the risk of re-injuring and causing a lot more damage and probably not coming back was very, very high.

"And I still have Gold Coast 2018 (Commonwealth Games) on my mind ... If I want to be able to come back for that stronger, fitter and faster than ever, then I need to take this time to make sure my body has healed."

Pearson had returned to her Gold Coast base to find fitness and form after struggling in three comeback races in Europe earlier this month, her first competitive outings after a year-long absence because of a broken wrist and a torn calf muscle suffered in a fall during a race in June last year.

"It is a hard time for me ... I'm disappointed and I'm gutted," she said.

"Unfortunately, it is the biggest sporting event in the world that I am going to be missing out on and I can't be a part of. It's upsetting."

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