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Russia threatens Olympic integrity: Fahey

  • Russia threatens Olympic integrity: Fahey

    Three-time Olympian Melinda Gainsford-Taylor has joined calls for Russia to be booted from Rio.

Three-time Olympian Melinda Gainsford-Taylor has backed calls for Russia to be kicked out of the Rio Games.

The International Olympic Committee's (IOC) executive board will meet on Sunday in Lausanne, where Russia's attendance at the Games is expected to be highest priority.

A verdict is also expected from the Court of Arbitration for Sport on Thursday regarding the 68 banned Russian track and field athletes who have qualified for the Games, which could act as a precursor to the IOC's upcoming decision.

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However former runner Gainsford-Taylor said the decision had to be made for the entire Russian Olympic team to be banned.

"If you allow the Russians to compete at these Olympics, it goes against the integrity of what the Olympics is," she told Triple M's Grill Team on Thursday.

"How could you let a country be part of this when this has been a state sponsored doping program?"

Gainsford-Taylor, who finished sixth to Marion Jones in the 200m final at Sydney 2000 before the American's disqualification for drug use, said she felt sympathy for any innocent athletes who may miss an Olympics as a result of the ban.

However she said that even with legalities in mind, the IOC had no choice but to make the call.

"There's a lot of pressure on the IOC to make some decisions and we're running out of time."

The Australian Olympic Committee are refusing to comment on the matter until after the meeting on Sunday, in which AOC president John Coates will be present.

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