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South Sudan set for first ever Olympic Games

  • South Sudan set for first ever Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is never short of inspirational stories.

From unknown athletes upsetting the favourites to win gold, to teams working together to achieve a personal best and even athletes and nations achieving their goal just by competing.

The story of South Sudanese Margret Rumat Rumat Hassan is an example of the latter.

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The young runner has overcome more than most people should have to endure in their entire lives, as she gets ready to represent her country at Rio.

Hassan’s story, which is explained in Samsung’s film, ‘The Chant’, is one of persistence and fortitude.

The short documentary continues the company’s support of defying barriers and conveying the Olympic spirit of harmony and generating cultural, personal, and technological progress.

The young athlete was raised amidst Sudan’s civil war and her family was displaced, before she was encouraged by a friend to participate in a competitive race.

She then discovered her talent for running. In 2014, she competed in the Youth Olympic Games as an independent Olympic athlete.

Samsung’s partnership with the Olympic Gmes began in 1988 in Seoul. From the 1998 Winter Olympic Games, Samsung became a worldwide Olympic partner in the wireless communications and equipment category, providing its proprietary wireless communications platform, called Wireless Olympic Works (WOW), and mobile devices.

Samsung’s commitment to the games will continue until at least the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

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